Die daily!

I am not well…
The sufis advise us to "die daily," i.e. destroy our self-image so that the real Self, unimpeded by past habits and restrictions on possibility implied by old experiences, may manifest through us in our daily activities.
This contual re-invention of the Ego is by no means an easy task – indeed the Ego is more than happy to don the work-clothes of the Self-De/Reconstructor and proclaim the job to be "finished already – well ahead of schedule!"
It’s not so obvious, but as often as not our Egos are constituted by negative views of what we might be our accomplish in our particular existences. The seeming reliability of our foibles is comforting to the "mini-me" that wishes to imagine itself as always essential, never outmoded….
In actuality, "change is inevitable – growth is optional" (a saying I’ve seen attributed to Buddhism) so the one thing the Ego can count on is that eventually it will be irrelevant….
One thing I’ve been doing lately to help destroy myself, is "playing dress-up" a lot….The picture of moi  in my "funky folks" album on this site is from this recent bout of self-reinvention thru doing drag – I intend it to be ongoing mind you…
Here’s another pic of me in androgynous idiosyncratic  get-up recently: