going off! at the plane-arium

Miracle of miracles and wonder of wonders – K & I actually made it to the Listening Room ’05 event at the Vancouver Planetarium this Saturday (Sept. 10) just passed.


While it was a shortish, and smallish event (as "raves" go…), it was definitely "stylin" and a whole lot of fun. The homos were out in droves – once we’d settled ourselves at the top row of seating in a corner by one of the exits, we were quickly surrounded by a half-dozen or more fags. Either there was a whole heap of us present, or they all gravitated to our area of the room for some strange reason.


Another of my MSN Messenger buddies also happened to be in attendance; a funny coincidence, really…She is one of maybe 10 or so folks who regularly sign in on my Messenger list. So is the event organizer who turned me on to the Listening Room and ensured that K. and I got a two-for-one deal (as "disabled person and escort")… Funny thing, they’re both "roomies" with other players who made the event go off…and they don’t know each other (but they both know me) – sorta one of those ‘6 degrees of separation’ scenarios….


I don’t know who was doing the Live PA @ midnight, but they were KICKIN IT!! I started really tuning in to one musician on stage as he started to evoke ear-splitting screeches from an eldritch-looking piece of equipment about the size and shape of a convection oven – only made of ‘heavy metal’ and all hollowed-out like (no outer case so you could see all the insides of whatever-it-was)…This intsrument and the artists who wove it into their performance caused me to reach a whole new level of altered state – I was totally taken over by the groove and moved my body like I’d never be able to by the force of my own measly ego-will…


What fun!


At that point I had fully gotten my $20 dollars worth…Saw another good friend there, and departed shortly.


K. had enough of a good time that I may be able to get him out to such events with more regularity again now that he remembers how much fun it can be! Thanks shadowcat and Dave for helping provide that experience for my hubby, hey?


Ciao for now….




first email publishing post to MySpace blog

We-ell, I’m off to a party at the Vancouver Planetarium w/the husband tonight… Long time since we’ve done anything of the sort together – although we virtually met on the dance-floor…would you believe it? Coupla fags hooking up at a disco?! Naaaah!!
Actually, by "virtually" I mean not "really" – like "virtual" reality, as opposed to "real" reality, y’know? – like, but almost… see I kinda picked up the hubby’s calling card on the dance floor, or actually at the "Toronto Raver HQ" at the time – Bassix.
I am going to begin designating ‘hubby’ as "K" and ‘boi’ as "L" since, well, they come in that order (or came, er, rather…), and they are appropriate letters for a variety of reasons – not the least of which being they’re actually the initials of the first names’ of the two individuals in question.
So, K and I are going dancing tonight….K is already looking forward to lying down when we get into town, before the party.
For info on the party visit www.listeningroom.ca – I won’t bother encouraging you all to go since tix are almost gone anyway – and no one is reading this!!

What’s all this “bruthah-man” stuff, anyway – whitey?!

The "official title" of those individuals (such as myself) who have received Initiation into the First Degree (I°) of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO – one of those secret societies which rules the world, you know – like the "Kaballistic Jews"), is "Man and Brother" – or "Woman and Sister" as the case may be…

I am not sure what to propose as a suitable title for us "third-gender" types…I suppose that’s arguably what the "inscrutable" 11th Degree is all about…(oops – that’s a secret – shh!).

This (First) Degree "bestows full membership upon the initiate…the spiritual link forged between the initiate and the Order during the ceremony of the First Degree will remain throughout the initiate’s life." For more info on this abstruse topic, please visit the following sites:






Rated “G” – as in “Gag me with a ‘spork'” – is that word on dictionary.com yet??

So, I know somewhere I’ve designated my personal webspace as "suitable for general/family viewing".


Now however it contains the "s" word -or does it?…maybe not *that* word, specifically…but allusions, no doubt.


Which leaves me to wonder…have I crossed the line, yet?!


When I first published my former ‘blog, FutureSex, this issue arose very quickly – the forward-thinking host at motime, however, decided that despite my frankness in matters pertaining to intercourse and the like, FS was suitable cyberfare for 13-and-overs, anyway.


So that is an "adult accompaniment" rating here in Canada, non?

green-eyed monster(s) in da bedroom…

Now the "politics" part…I am a married man (well, at least now I am a Man, with a capital "M" – or so my Society has recently decreed, officially – but genderwise, I tend toward androgyny). The aforementioned "Mister S." is, yes, someone other than ‘hubby’ (or "Chubbles" as I/we often refer to him/each other…) – my "other significant other" you could put it.

So I’m greedy – I am at least not a hypocrite here (here being the bedroom)!

I know my husband is less enthused about the shared emotions I’ve cited in the previous entry, although ultimately (it is my genuine, deeply felt belief) he (that is, ‘hubby’) does benefit significantly from my nu lover and I having now discovered each other (finally!). It seems to me in fact an essential core element in the long-term sustainability of our marriage…

Hypothetically, "polyamoury" has always been an allowable option on our sexual "lifestyle menu" – one in fact enacted in various ways quite regularly (while there have also been significant and substantial spells of "default" monogamy, too…).

In this instance tho, the husband didn’t get a say, as the stars had already spoken, and the boi and I fated to know each other carnally this way…

Nonetheless we’ve rode out the rocky waters and, currently enjoying a spell of "boi-less-ness" together, are mutually satisfied with the configuration at present…Only, I will be more so when I’ve managed to find an appropriate place for ‘boi’ in my life, a wee bit closer to home (at least!).

Yay – he loves me!

I received a (1-word) text message and telephone call from my long lost Mister S. ("s" as in, "yesss") or ‘boi’ as I often affectionately refer to him…Not really lost, just to me, physically, for now – as he is far away, visiting his father in the Interior.

I had just been thinking of him, too – telepafone as we call it in these here parts (them being, the foot of Mt. Elphinstone, my local landmark/mass of distinction…).

So glad to hear he loves me not just a little but a WHOLE LOT even!

It is a mutual feeling, fer sher…


Just what is an OBE, anyway?

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